Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton meeting
Their actual conversation
8 years ago by SoPissed

Loretta Lynch told reporters Thursday that  her conversation  with Bill Clinton when the two crossed paths Monday at Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport was a great deal about his grandchildren, and it was primarily social and about their travels.

The actual conversation went like this -
Hi sweetie, you have grown more beautiful and mature since  I  appointed you 
as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York way back in 1999. You remember that appointment, don't you?

Oh yes, Mr. President Clinton, and I'm forever grateful for it, and life has been great since. 

I'm sure you agree that my grandchildren and your children and grandchildren will have much better future and be forever blessed if you can be a  Supreme Court Justice, and that day is right around the corner.  You know that, don't you?

Yes, Mr. President I know what you mean.

Have a nice trip, I knew I would catch you here.
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