What a wimp !

You heard it  in every crisis this  country faces since 2008, right?

“President Obama is considering all options”
“He learned  it from the news, …”
How pathetic!

Did he ever have plans, strategies or preparations in advance for any national or international issues?   A business or a person  needs to have them  in order to survive in this world, and we have a president who is so ill-prepared for the job.

What has Obama been doing –  just thinking,  considering,  playing golf and enjoying the stupid applauds from those stupid people for  his empty speeches?

He is taking this once a great country to  retreat and to withdraw  from the world .  He is leading this country with his tail between his legs.

Those voted for him, and twice, should all bear the  responsibilities for bring this country down  the drain.   What  a shame!

Get Mad and Get Involved

Can you, as a responsible citizen,  sit on the sidelines and let all the unscrupulous politicians treating  you like  an idiot?

The most outrageous and insidious statements -

” We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it”

“Unemployment Checks Fastest Way to Create Jobs”

“Welfare Programs Stimulate the Economy”

If you had not been  insulted by these statements, you absolutely have nothing above your neck.  SAD!