Gun Ownership - a Human Right
7 years ago by SoPissed
Paris attack, Orlando attack

How often do we see innocent and helpless people were hurled together and slaughtered like animals by the terrorists?

I suggest at the entrance of every public event, every attendee is given a gun if he/she has not already brought one.  We will never see that kind of mass murder again.
Updated 7 years ago
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Valentina 4 years ago
Everyone needs the right training and they need to experience what its like to shoot a gun. You can't hand out guns like party favors. Practice aiming and knowing the value a gun holds. Also, people should be required to have mental health screenings along with their background check. 
The Catman 5 years ago
No, we'll see people panic, whip out their guns and start shooting in hopes that one of the fifty individuals they murder might be the original gunman/men, multiplying the fatalities by 5,000. Madness.
Amandavas 7 years ago
Right because bombs dont exist. If only eveyone in the twin towers had a gun... Idiot!
  • TomCollins 4 years ago
    Exactly. If every person getting on those planes was issued a firearm while boarding. There would have been NO BODY getting up on those flights.
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