Son of a bitch
And yes, they are
6 years ago by SoPissed
American tax payers have help funded many football stadiums  and NFL has received much tax benefits from tax payers,  so the whole football games belong to not just the team owners, the players but mostly the general public. So, for Colin Kaepernick and those kneel-down  NFL players to use the platform  to promote their social  agenda is outrageous.  

I have no problems if Kaepernick and his followers  purchase and pay for from their personal pockets advertisement time  for their causes during the football games, but to use the public time for  free is not their right.  It has nothing to do with their right to  'Freedom of Speech'.

Respect our right and just play balls as you are paid for.

Updated 6 years ago
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The Catman 6 years ago
Yeah, just play balls.......

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