Stupidity and Arrogance
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
4 years ago by SoPissed

This immature and naive girl could not even afford a pair of new shoes while running for Congress, and now is running up and down the Capital Hill  trying to  confiscate and redistribute  the millionaires' and  billionaires' monies.

She thinks she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I'd advice her to carefully case study this California bullet train project - a decade behind schedule and billions in the red, and learn some lessons from it before she opens her big mouth again.  And where is the founder of this government project Jerry Brown?

California to pull plug on billion-dollar bullet train, cites ballooning costs​

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on Tuesday he is pulling the plug on the state's massive high-speed rail project from Los Angeles to San Francisco that was more than a decade behind schedule and billions in the red.

"Let's be real," Newsom said in his first State of the State address. "The current project, as planned, would cost too much and respectfully take too long. There's been too little oversight and not enough transparency."

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BlankCapitalist 3 years ago
tf why, her green new deal is kinda stupid and unrealistic but she's good in every other sense and yes the world may end in like another 12 years
BobbyLew 3 years ago
As far a AOC is concerned, I am amazed that so much stupidity can be contained in one human body.
  • SoPissed 3 years ago
    Had she have the guts to bet her own life , and commit suicide at the end of the 12 years if the world does not disappear, I would be very happy to support her and even vote for her. LOL
SoPissed 4 years ago

No, AOC,  the world is not going to end in 12 years.  It will end when our Galaxy collides with Andromeda Galaxy in about 5 million years.

You and your brainless liberal cohorts are just a mouth piece of the reports by those pseudo scientists  who are obliged to publish what their research grants dictate them to.

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