Liberalism is a Mental Disorder
Look at them
4 years ago by SoPissed

The sick are getting sicker in the liberal camp,  led by the hateful girls ’SQUAD’,  and followed by those brainless, self-hating Democratic candidates who could not wait to out-left each other.

They all desperately need psychotherapy.

Where You go, We'll go
Where You stay, We'll stay
When You move, We'll move
We will follow You
Who You hate, We'll hate
What You talk, We'll talk
If this life We lose, We will follow You
We will follow You, Yeah!!

Updated 4 years ago
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Accountability 4 years ago
Two major points for you to consider...first, you should look up the term "liberal" and maybe try to understand it when you read it this time. Second, it is most definitely not a mental disorder, or at least it's nowhere close to as widespread as stupidity is. If you want to hate something, hate being stupid. Go to the library and read a couple of books. Start with picture books maybe. I fully well know that when your simple mind tries to process the words I used, you'll only come away with more rage and hate for your own countrymen,but just know that I didn't do that on accident. It's fun to taunt dumbasses who hide behind keyboards and think they're smart or tough. So yeah, we enjoy tweaking your kind. And we will enjoy it even more when you fade into the background again like the other morons before you did. 
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