To Save The Country
The deranged Liberals
7 years ago by SoPissed

Because You Are All Idiots

The liberal senator Nancy Pelosi in 2010 told the country  ‘We have to pass the Obama affordable bill so that you can find out what is in it’.  

See the most deceiving speech she gave -

Guilty Before Proven Innocent

Those liberal lawmakers have been screaming non-stop that we have to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate any POSSIBLE ties between Russia and the Trump campaign. 

Last time I checked a special prosecutor was only appointed after the crime had been committed and evidence  discovered,  President Nixon’s deliberate deletion of the 3 minutes tape,   Monica Lewinsky’s infamous  blue dress with President Clinton’s semen stains on.

But now the liberals want to appoint the special prosecutor first so that they can search for the POSSIBLE crime even though there has not had a smidgen of evidence of crime committed by President Trump.

What Else ?

Those campus radicals that have been suckered by the liberal professors are engaging in violence to shutdown any conservative speakers.  Students are no longer learning how to analyze, reason and debate different opinions and ideas,  and then to tolerate and respect those on the opposite side.

It is a scary and worrisome time we are in,  and the liberal leaders have been carrying the banner and leading the charge for those harmful ideas and attitudes.  Until we stand up for our rights and our next generations, Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction, as President Regan  said.    And I’d add here, Stupidity is never more than one generation away from becoming a norm.

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