Russian Collusion
The Real Ones
6 years ago by SoPissed
I said from the beginning of the Russian Collusion investigation against Trump the Democrats were so emphatically demanded may end up with the downfall of the Clintons and more revelations of the  Obama Administration's corruption. 
The time of the boomerang on them has come with the investigation of the Podesta Group by Mueller.
Since Clinton lost the election, she and her cohorts have also lost their minds.  They tried every possible dirty trick to delegitimize Trump's victory including one that would end up endangering themselves.

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The Catman 6 years ago
Actually Trump did collude with Russia. He invited Russia to cyber-attack our nation - "Hey Russia, i hope u can find Hillary's emails" which could only be done by hacking America. angry
  • SoPissed 6 years ago
    You need to understand the root of the word col-, it means "with" or "together."

    I don't see "i hope u can find..."  meet the col- requirement. Are you saying whenever you say "I hope you can..." or  "I hope you..." always means you and the other person work together?   If so, then when you say "I hope you can rob a bank"  to your friend, it would mean you are conspiring with your friend to rob the bank?

    The liberals are just using the execuse to cover their inept campaign and their lack of messages for American people.  Thank God, we do not have Hillary as the president, otherwise the White House would have been sold left and right by her for her corrupted Foundations. Get over, you have lost.
  • The Catman 6 years ago
    Of course he isn't going to say "Russia, help me win the election" on TV, he's stupid but not that stupid. It was code 4 "help distract voters by getting dirt on Hillary.. it makes me look less corrupt"
  • The Catman 6 years ago
    @The Catman
    Further, it's still treason/collusion when u ask a hostile enemy of the penetrate our cyberspace. If u own a bank & ask a friend to rob a bank that is your competitor, it's collusion.
  • The Catman 6 years ago
    @The Catman
    Furthermore, I haven't lost anything. I'm not a democrat or republican. I'm an American, who opposes all frauds, regardless of party. Hillary sucked too, but atleast she didn't ask Putin to cyber-attack
LedZap 6 years ago
So it seems Obama let Hezbollah off the hook, just before the hammer was to come down. Fuckin asshole let em off, and to this day, they're still importing tons of cocaine into the US ...
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