Antifa -> ISIS
Getting there if not stopped
1 year ago by SoPissed

With their faces covered, bats, and other tools to hurt and terrorize anyone who do not agree with them,  does that sound familiar?
If the law enforcement authorities do not do anything about Antifa soon,  they are on their way to becoming the domestic ISIS of the USA

Antifa                             ISIS
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Ligmabaulz 26 days ago
The Catman 1 year ago
Yeah..sounds just like the kkk turds that Trump says are "fine people", I wonder if Trump's dad wore a hood when he attended that klan rally?
Domonick 1 year ago
I’m sick of all them being in our country they are all a threat 
  • Vlakvark 1 year ago
    I am a white Christian South African. Sitting on the sideline, observing without any animosity or preference I realised the following. You are the problem. You Americans must die, time for you to leave this planet! You kill woman and children all over the world...and people let you do it, they let you get away with it. I have no fight with you, but I will never help you, your enemies can kill you while I watch. You fucked up the whole world, time for you to go.
  • LedZap 1 year ago
    Oh yeah Vlakvark, kiss my ass.Fuckin know nothing troll.
  • The Catman 1 year ago
    The always sticks it's nose in the business of others. They have murdered countless innocents in Syria. But more murder isnt the answer. Love/reverence for EVERY living soul is
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