What have leftists/Democrats contributed to this country
5 years ago by limbo123
I was just sitting here thinking about what Democrats have contributed to American society. I won't even go back and revisit historical things like the Klu Klux Klan or Jim Crow laws. I'll focus on recent history.

So here is my list of things; concepts and ideas we can thank leftists and Democrats for. Feel free to add any that I missed:

- Toxic masculinity
- Cultural appopriation
- Social justice warriors
- Safe spaces
- Non-binary genders
- Dead white males
- College "rape culture"
- Virtue signalling
- Heterosexism
- Liberation Theology
- White priviledge 
- Men in the girls bathrooms
- Late term abortion
- Open borders
- Globalization
- Sanctuary cities

If you vote for Democrats in November, just remember crazy has limitless energy, and leftists will never be satisfied or come to a point where they feel we have reached a comfortable equilibrium. They always need something to agitate for, meanwhile our country goes down the toilet.
Updated 5 years ago
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SoPissed 5 years ago
- Race and gender baiting
- Guilty until proven Innocent if you are conservative
- End justifies the means
assMann 5 years ago
The only thing going down the toilet is the nasty shits you take after stuffing your disgusting face with processed imported food from.

God Bless America, and may He rid the Country of Faithless Commie Bastards like you.
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