Paris Climate Accord
Great Courage to Withdraw
6 years ago by SoPissed
Not buckling to the tremendous amount of pressure from many big companies and countries from around the world, Trump Is withdrawing US from Paris Climate Accord.
With the tough restrictions placed on this country the deal would put undue financial burden on the American middle class while the biggest polluters in the world are left alone to continue to pollute. The amount of funds this country has to contribute to the Green Fund under this Accord, only the idiots and special interest groups  would want Trump to honor the deal.
If those fat cat CEOs want the deal so bad, I suggest they donate on behalf of the American people to the Green Fund, and cut down their personal carbon footprint by reducing the number and size of their mansions to the average size of American middle class’ house, and take commercial flights instead of their private jets.  Until then, they are just a whole bunch of hypocrites.

It definitely makes sense to renegotiate a very bad deal made by an incompetent former president.
Updated 6 years ago
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