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8 years ago by limbo123
Hey Freak, since you know the California beaches, where would be a good place to camp out with the family for a week, just to get away from the bloody heat!

What's the best beach area that isn't too expensive for hotels?

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limbo123 8 years ago
Just got back. Huntington Beach was great, but the weather wasn't the best. 2 days of rain in July!!?? Third day was foggy with drizzle in the evening.

I always have mixed emotions when I go to California. Geographically and climate wise, no better place on earth. Sadly it's become infested with liberals/leftists who are running the place into the ground. Gas was as high as $5 a gallon because of all the stupid environmental regulations in regards to how it is refined. The freeways are litterally crumbling (like the bridge washout that closed the main L.A. to Phoenix highway indefinitely). 

Driving through the desert, you see these huge wind farms. Moonbeam is messing up the power grid and increasing the cost of electricity by forcing the use of inefficient energy generation.

  • FreakNot 8 years ago
    Yeah, we had some unusual weather. Came from a large storm system coming up from Baja Mexico. I had incredible thunder Friday/Saturday night right over my place.
limbo123 8 years ago
I'm sure you did :-)
LedZap 8 years ago
We used to have wild parties right on Venura Beach (county line) all night
limbo123 8 years ago
Thx, I'll check it out.
FreakNot 8 years ago
Nice places up in Ventura, great beaches also in Santa Barbara area too next store to Ventura.
LedZap 8 years ago
I allways camped up farther north, in Ventura County.
FreakNot 8 years ago
Up and down Huntington Beach (there are beach camping areas), and San Onofre beach, (also camping on the beach is permitted). Hotels aren't too bad bad either at both locations.
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