Tempted to Get Rid of Cable.
8 years ago by limbo123
So who needs cable TV these days? WIth so many ways to stream content it just seems like a big fat waste of money.

Here are the streaming services I use on my Roku device:
Hulu Plus
NHL Vault
Amazon Instant (just the movies I've bought, not Amazon Prime which is $100 a year and doesn't seem worth it).
ABC and CBS News Roku Channels.

In addtion, I've hooked up a Mohu Leaf antenna to all my TVs and get perfect uncompressed HD local channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, etc.) which means I can get all the main NFL games during the season, as well as all the golf majors. You can now get HBO as a standalone service, either as an add-on to SlingTV, or as HBO Now on an Apple TV. Showtime is available as a $9 add on to Hulu Plus (don't know who would want that liberal vomit though).

Anyone cut the cable yet? I could save about $80/month. The only thing I would miss is NBCSN which carries world cup soccer and all the EPL games. 

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FreakNot 8 years ago
Mine? No, no cap.
limbo123 8 years ago
Does your ISP have a data cap? Our cap is 250 GB, but we go over it every month and they never say anything.
FreakNot 8 years ago
Dumped cable two years ago, bought a Roku. Cable is worthless.
detective 8 years ago
limbo123 8 years ago
CNBC is part of NBC Universal, which is owned by Comcrap, the biggest cable monopoly in the United States. They have an interest in keeping people hooked into overinflated cable bundles, so it is hard, if not impossible, to get their stuff via streaming. That's why I can't get NBCSN without a cable bundle, and you can't get CNBC without a cable bundle. They want us to pay for hundreds of worthless channels to get the one or two we want. Roku has a Fox News channel which airs large segments of their programs the next day. Honestly, finding a Fox News stream on the Internet is no problem (as long as you have AdBlock on).
limbo123 8 years ago
If you go to this website and put in your address, it will tell you how far the TV transmission towers are. The further away you are, the better the antenna you need. I am about 27 miles away, so the mohu 30 is good enough for me. If you live out in the sticks, then you are pretty well stuck with cable or satellite.

detective 8 years ago
Great tips! 
I've been trying to get rid of my blood sucking cable provider and always came back to them because of Fox  and CNBC that I need.
Just checked the Mohu Leaf antenna and they have Leaf 30 and Leaf 50,   are there much quality differences ?
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