Good News for Donald Trump
Wisdom of Alexander Hamilton
7 years ago by SoPissed

In 1778 when French decided to recognize American Independence and signed military and commercial treaties with the fledgling nation, British decided to replace General Howe with Sir Henry Clinton as commander of their forces.   


Sir Clinton was quartered in a house on Broadway in NYC, and he had a large garden out back overlooking the Hudson River where he napped in a small pavilion each afternoon.  Henry Lee  broached to George Washington an ingenious plan for kidnapping Clinton, but Alexander Hamilton strongly objected the kidnapping idea and told Washington that ‘It would be our misfortune, since the British government could not find another commander so incompetent to send in his place”.  

The history has proven  Alexander Hamilton was so correct.


So, I’d say here that Trump can not find another more corrupted and deceitful candidate to run against. 

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