Yes, liberals are this stupid...
7 years ago by FreakNot
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SoPissed 7 years ago

'If You Are Not a Conservative at 35 You Have No Brain',  and they have not!

FreakNot 7 years ago
I told a friend of mine that we are dealing with international terrorism, rogue states such as Iran and North Korea, the Middle East about to explode, ISIS, etc, and what are liberal democrats concentrating on? ...passing laws permitting men who think they're women to use women's restrooms. Mindless liberal retards!
limbo123 7 years ago
More liberal stupidity!

Dumb leftists in Denmark think they can change the weather by slapping a tax on meat. Meanwhile Europe is being overrun by migrants from the middle east who are utterly antagonistic to their way of life. I guess, like Obama and Kerry, they see global warming as a bigger threat than terrorism, even as they commit cultural suicide. Idiots.
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