The blood suckers of our public school systems
7 years ago by SoPissed
Montgomery County School Superintendent Dr. Jack Smith, under fire for his delayed response to the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl at Rockville High School last week, rakes in a taxpayer funded salary of $275,000, months of paid time off and a whole goody bag full of other pricey benefits. 

-$275,000 salary per year, with a review each year for an increase and pay cannot be reduced 

-$40,000 per year paid by the board for his retirement fund

-25 days of annual paid leave which can be rolled over and cashed out 

-20 days of sick and/or personal leave per year, which can also be cashed out 

-Disability insurance up to $8000 paid by the board

-All school holidays off

-A vehicle for personal and professional use with all "expenses for gasoline, insurance, maintenance, and repairs,  in  connection with the use of said  vehicle" paid for by the school board

More details at

After the  alleged brutal rape at the school by two illegal aliens last week, he has some nerver to accuse  parents of racism and xenophobia.  No wonder the liberals all love the public schools and fight hard to maintain the status quo.

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