Missing U.S. Missile Shows Up in Cuba
Incompetence At Its Worst
6 years ago by SoPissed

Air-to-ground Inert Hellfire missile sent to Europe for a training exercise makes mysterious trip, sparking concerns over loss of military technology.

An inert U.S. Hellfire missile sent to Europe for training purposes was wrongly shipped from there to Cuba in 2014, said people familiar with the matter, a loss of sensitive military technology that ranks among the worst-known incidents of its kind.

For more than a year, amid a historic thawing of relations between the U.S. and Cuba, American authorities have tried to get the Cuban government to return the missile, said people familiar with the matter. At the same time, federal investigators have been tracing the paper trail of the wayward Hellfire to determine if its arrival in Cuba was the work of criminals or spies, or the result of a series of blunders, these people said.

More details at  http://www.wsj.com/articles/missing-u-s-missile-shows-up-in-cuba-1452213667​
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SoPissed 6 years ago

Hellfire Missile Mistakenly Sent to Cuba Finally Returned to U.S after more than a year.

The tale of the missing missile began at the Orlando International Airport in early 2014, where it was prepared to be used in a NATO exercise in Spain, according to U.S. officials. The crate in which the 100-pound, 5-foot missile was shipped was clearly marked as containing material subject to rigorous export controls and officials said anyone handling the crate would know it wasn't regular cargo.

After the exercise the missile was repacked and, for reasons that remain unclear, the missile began a circuitous trip through Europe. First, it was loaded onto a truck belonging to a freight-shipping firm in Rota, Spain, and sent to Germany, according to officials familiar with the case.

That firm released the cargo to yet another shipping firm, which was supposed to put it on a flight from Madrid to Frankfurt before it would travel, on another flight, to Florida. Instead, officials loading the first flight realized the special cargo wasn’t there. Officials realized it had been loaded onto a truck operated by Air France and was heading for Charles de Gaulle airport outside Paris.

There, it was loaded onto a pallet of cargo and placed onto an Air France flight. By the time the error or errors were discovered, the plane was on that flight and headed to Havana.

Under Obama Administration, no one can be held responsible for any wrong doing especially incompetence.
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