Shall We Boycott Macy's ?
9 years ago by SoPissed
Donald Trump's remark regarding illegal immigrants is something a lot of Americans wish they could say openly.  He may be a bit off in terms of   'some of them are good', but in general he is right about the illegals.  They have no right to break this country's law by illegally entering this country while tens of thousands of foreigners waiting legally and patiently in their country for years to receive their immigration visa.
I have not seen any corporations dump NBC while one of their hosts the race-baiter Al Sharpton has been making all kind of racist remarks.
I personally am not crazy about Donald Trump but do admire his guts to say what most people are scared to say.  It is time we the silent majority of this country voice our  concerns and the unfair treatment we have been receiving by boycotting all the PC corporations!
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FreakNot 9 years ago
Illegal aliens are called "Illegal aliens" because they are breaking the law. We have millions of Illegal alien criminals walking our streets and we are doing all but nothing about it. They are breaking both state and federal laws but entering the country illegally. Also, they are committing other crimes. They are the only class of people in the United States who enjoy the privilege of breaking laws en masse' with little or no effort to apprehend them, charge them and punish them.
HarleyDays 9 years ago
Although, I don't give him much of a chance to win the nomination, I wish we had more who would shoot from the hip and tell it the way it is...Too many are afraid its going to ruin their chances or companies such as Macy or NBC really can make a difference...Maybe to those on the left, but they wouldn't have voted for him in the first place...I hate the world of political correctness...
limbo123 9 years ago
One thing about Trump is unlike a lot of politicians, you can't buy this dude off since he is worth billions. He's obviously not in it for the money, which can't be said for the rest of the worthless bums in congress. A cheap hooker and a bottle of whiskey is all you need for many of them.
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