China vs Internet
unabashed and brazen dictator
8 years ago by SoPissed

China Touts Its Great Firewall in Push for Internet Control

Chinese President Xi Jinping argues for Internet sovereignty in rare speech about regulating cyberspace

Countries should have the authority to regulate the Internet at home, Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a speech at the second World Internet Conference, held in Wuzhen, China, on Wednesday.
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All dictators know that freedom of speech is the main cause of their eventual downfall so it has to be squashed.  The free world is missing a competent leader, all dictators are having a field day and becoming very brazen.  How much I've missed President Reagan - Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall!
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limbo123 8 years ago

Christians in China feel full force of authorities’ repression

But even Su is surprised by what has happened in Guiyang this month: a crackdown that has led to the shuttering of the thriving Living Stone Church, the detention of a priest on charges of “possessing state secrets,” and the shadowing of dozens of churchgoers by police.

limbo123 8 years ago
After a few moderately benevolent dictators, Xi Jinging is a heavy handed scumbag. That is always the risk when too much power is concentrated at the top.
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