America's First Christmas
240th Anniversary
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It was the time of despair after the crushing defeat of New York and New Jersey by the British, many Continental soldiers defected; Americans were losing confidence on General George Washing; and the dream of successful American Revolution was fading.

British Commander General Howe was confident that George Washington was no longer a threat so he made the fateful mistake by withdrawing his troop from Philadelphia and leaving only a small garrison in Trenton to the Hessians, the German mercenaries for the British.

Christmas 1776, the fateful turning point of American Revolution

The Revolution needed to be saved and the only hope was a successful attack on Trenton garrison. It was the most surprised and secret mission of the war and must do it on the night of Christmas because General Washington believed that the Hessians were in no shape to fight after the partying and drinking.

Delaware River was ice choked, savaged by howling wind and a raging blizzard.  If crossing the River while carrying heavy artilleries, cannons, horses in that condition was not tough enough, there was another 10 icy and treacherous  miles to walk before the Army reached Trenton.  General Washington successfully led the Army crossed the river, won the Trenton battle, and went on to win the American Revolution.

In commemoration of   240th anniversary of the successful Trenton attack on that Christmas, we should never forget that we are so much indebted to our founding fathers and the brave soldiers who endured the impossible and some made their ultimate sacrifice that Christmas night, 1776.

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PHILSTER22 7 years ago
1776? at the end! 1976
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