Democratic Party - An Endangered Species
They Still Don't Get It
11 months ago by SoPissed
The Dems still don't get it why they lost the elections - presidential, congressional,  states and local.  Its not they did not get their messages to the voters, it is the voters who do not like their messages.

And their top leader Obama still blame Fox News as part of the reason they lost.

Maybe  Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary should listen to this confession from  one of their members, 'I'm a Democrat and I'm ashamed at how tone deaf we've become'


Updated 11 months ago
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PHILSTER22 10 months ago
Omg,,,the news was totally run by Killary!!!!! Fox and CNBC and CNN should all be looked into for crimminal behaviour!
SoPissed 11 months ago
The Democratic National Committee said Friday: “Donald Trump is either too incompetent to understand that his foolish phone call threatens our national security, or he’s doing it deliberately because he reportedly wants to build hotels in Taiwan to pad his own pockets.”

How pathetic the Democratic party has become.  They used to be, at least they claimed they were,  the ones with compassion who defend  the helpless, help the poor, comfort the wounded and fight the injustice.  But from this statement they put out, they are just the opposite - pathetically small and completely without empathy.

We finally have a leader who has guts to pick up the phone call from Taiwan's leader.   It would be so catharsis if  Trump could  openly curse China  ' What the F**** you think you are trying to tell me whom I can or can not talk to'

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