Weed alters your DNA
8 years ago by limbo123
Along with potentially making you crazy, now we learn that Dope can alter your DNA, leading to cancer and disease:


The pro-weed lobby has led a spectacularly successful propaganda campaign. 

Obama's kids are SCREWED with all the dope he smoked.

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PHILSTER22 7 years ago
Naw, been smoking for over 40 yrs now and never have suffered because of it, I find it totally relaxing, and if anything would smoke some to get rid of any crazy thoughts, restlessness, or sleeping problems...lol.I heard a few people talk about it but no statistics or particular study,,,I'm easy and willing to listen! Peace Brothers :)
Amandavas 8 years ago
I hate alcohol and drugs but A LOT of things can change your DNA. Such as diet and exercise.
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