How did the supreme court get so unrepresentative of America?
7 years ago by limbo123
Does it bother anyone else how much power Justice Kennedy has over this country? Since the left-liberal judges always vote mindlessly as a block, whatever Kennedy chooses becomes the law of the land. One lawyer in a robe gets to decide everything of importance. WTF??

And more, how did the court get taken over by Catholics and leftist Jews? The court has 6 Catholics and 3 far left Jews. Jews make up 2% of the population, yet make up 33% of the supreme court. Catholics are also way over represented.

Protestants make up 50% of this country yet are not represented on the court. Evangelical protestants make up between 1/4 and 1/3 of the population (and are growing in number), yet have NO VOICE ON THE COURT. This has to change.
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FreakNot 7 years ago
Liberals don't give damn what anyone thinks; they believe they have all of the answers. They clearly do not.

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