Payback is a Real Bitch!!!
8 years ago by FreakNot

Yup, payback can really be a bitch!!!

Last week, a video emerged showing ISIS jihadists beheading 12 men from rival groups, among them at least three from Jaysh al-Islam. The group Jaysh al-Islam then decided to take revenge against ISIS in this new video. Jaysh al-Islam fighters in the video say the ISIS forces are being executed in part as revenge for the deaths of at least three of the rebel group’s members who were beheaded by ISIS and since Islam demands that assaults are to be paid back with exactly the same types of assaults, ISIS then had to experience the same aggression. In other words, an eye for an eye and tooth for tooth. They must also use such techniques including similar quality of production, etc. 

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FreakNot 8 years ago

LOL, good one, Zap!

LedZap 8 years ago
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