8 years ago by xilmwa
Phoenix!!!!!!! You goddamn cocksucking marxist faggotmonkey!!!!!!! See what you did, you fucker? You made bullshit go away.

I, anti-Phoenix warnd y'all. That rat bastard phoenix stole all the admin's accounts! Damn near destroyed the world, it did. But ye good folk o' bullshit came back to thwart Phoenix's bastard horseshit.

Goddamnit anti-Phoenix. Get back in your box.

*still talking to self*
Welcome back, you masochistic bastard, to the conservative hellhole that is No prometheus this time.

But in all seriousness, how's everyone been? I doubt I'll post often, but it's good to see the site's back.
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limbo123 8 years ago
Once a bullsitter, always a bullshitter!
FreakNot 8 years ago
Phoenix is back!!? Holy shit!!! What next; Promo? HA!
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