The Silent Majority Has Been Heard
Bucket Of Deplorables
7 years ago by SoPissed
Bucket of deplorables has sent crooked Hillary packing!  Hopefully,  the coming Trump presidency will put some efforts on fixing up the corruption problems that have become rampant by our top officials.
Updated 7 years ago
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SoPissed 7 years ago
God Bless America that we will have a president who knows how to build up this country and negotiate great deals for us.

Donald Trump at Carrier plant today warned American companies that they are not going to leave the United States without consequences.  He also said,  No, No, No,  you can move from state to state but you are not leaving America. 

Don't misunderstand his intention. He was not threatening them because of  protectionism but will change this country's ridiculous job-killing tax system and  EPA regulations.

He has not even taken office and already saved 1,000 jobs from leaving this country.  The best Christimas gift those families can ever have.

Jackson80 7 years ago
Admittedly, my thoughts surrounding his victory have changed from fear to curiosity. Some of his policies, mainly the economic ones, sound great. Granted during his campaign he spent a great deal of time acting like a jackass. Let's unite and hope for the best.

limbo123 7 years ago
Thrilled that the socialist hordes are held off for another generation, and that an openly corrupt person won't be president. Once corruption become endemic you can never get rid of it.

Congratulations Mr. Trump on winning the presidency!!! As an immigrant, I am thrilled that my kids will have a chance at the American dream which was the reason we came to this country.
SoPissed 7 years ago
Like to see those porn/trashes hustlers, Beyonce, Katy, Madonna, etc., move to other country as they've promised.
  • mooreed 7 years ago
    Won't happen.... Even with all of our "supposed" failings (in their minds) America is still the greatest country in the world. The easy way to tell is the way every one else tries to demonize us.
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