Can They Even Survive in Public Sectors?
No Shame No Accountability
8 years ago by SoPissed

Defense Secretary Carter Admits to ‘Mistake’ on Email

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter admitted Thursday that he had used a personal email account on his iPhone to send work-related emails, taking responsibility for what he termed “a mistake”.

Hillary Clinton used her own email server to conduct very sensitive government business.  And what she said? A Mistake.

They are not "a mistake".  These guys are our top federal leaders to deal with our national security issues, and their behaviors clearly telling us they don't give it a damn about the government rules or security issues.

They are violating the government rules, and taking responsibility means to RESIGN.  

But what do you expect from those shamless politicians, especially those D's?   If having a sex in the Oval office with a Whitehouse intern, then publicly lied and twisted words about it, and refused to resign,  everything goes!
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