Obama is worse than Jimmy Carter
9 years ago by SoPissed

Jimmy Carter lost Iran and this country has suffered for decades.  Now, in front of our eyes, Barack Obama is giving away Middle East and we will suffer for generations to come.

 Barack Obama not only is lacking the leadership abilities, he snobs our Constitution and shows no respect for the Presidency.  To represent this country  to receive visiting foreign leaders with respect regardless his personal dislike of the leader is a required decorum of the presidency,  and he failed the test. 

When there is no strong able leader, any community, society or world would become fragmented, and this is exactly what's happening in the world.  This country is facing a crisis never seen before because Obama has been putting his personal ideologies ahead of the national interest.

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limbo123 9 years ago

Yeah. He is worse than Obama. His foreign policy is a catastrophe.

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