Obama's Constitutional Violations
9 years ago by SoPissed

Yes, from his alma mater Harvad University
President Obama’s law school mentor Professor Laurence Tribe
Laurence Tribe Says Obama’s Clean Power Plan Is Like ‘Burning The Constitution’
Harvard Law Professor Larry Tribe testified in Congress this week, declaring that EPA’s proposal violates the Constitution by taking industry’s private property, trampling on states’ rights and usurping Congress’ power. He will make the same arguments as the coal industry’s counsel in federal court next month. In Tribe’s telling, EPA’s proposal to cut carbon pollution from old power plants by up to 30% by 2030 is an assault on the separation of powers equivalent to President Truman’s seizure of the steel mills during the Korean War and President Lincoln’s suspension of habeas corpus during the Civil War.


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limbo123 9 years ago

To cut global CO2 by .000001%, Obama is going to slam American consumers and businesses with much higher energy bills by closing these plants. This will of course increase poverty and joblessness, all in a futile effort to control the weather.

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