Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks
Good Job
7 years ago by SoPissed

Thank God, we have WikiLeaks so we know how DNC rigged their system in favor of crooked Hillary.  As the matter of fact, the Clintons think they are the real boss of DNC and have a full control on the organization.  Those who work there are mostly their cronies and need to be obsequious to this couple. We will find out more when WikiLeaks releases more of DNC’s emails.

Thank God, we have WikiLeaks so we may know someday, if and when it releases those emails from Clintons’ private email server and of the Clinton Foundation’s, what Comey of FBI and Loretta Lynch of AG did not want the public to know about.

WikiLeaks is helping in a small way the public learn some of the nefarious deeds those established Washington insiders play.

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