Highlights of the Democrat Debate
6 years ago by limbo123
Here is a video of the debate highlights:
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SoPissed 6 years ago
Hillary Clinton, blind to her own greed, makes another blunder

ANDERSON COOPER: One of the things that Sen. [Bernie] Sanders points to and a lot of your critics point to is you made three speeches for Goldman Sachs. You were paid $675,000 for three speeches. Was that a mistake? I mean was that a bad error in judgment?

CLINTON: Look. I made speeches to lots of groups. I told them what I thought. I answered questions.

COOPER: But did you have to be paid $675,000?

CLINTON: Well, I don’t know. That’s what they offered.

And if her feigned obliviousness to the access-buying game were not infuriating enough, she let out yet another whopper:

CLINTON : You know every secretary of State that I know has done [paid speeches].

COOPER: But (inaudible) for office they’re not running for an office…

CLINTON: Well, I didn’t know…

COOPER: … have known.

CLINTON: To be honest I wasn’t — I wasn’t committed to running. I didn’t know whether I would or not.

COOPER: You didn’t think you were going to run for president again?

CLINTON: I didn’t. You know when I was secretary of State several times I said you know I think I’m done. And you know, so many people came to me, started talking to me.

Really? Even while secretary of state, as we know from her emails, her political antennae were on high alert. And certainly those who paid her exorbitant sums and donated to her foundation believed that she would run for president. That is what drove up her price.

SoPissed 6 years ago
What Difference Does It Make?

Oh, yes, a big difference, you evil witch!  They are dead and you want to be a president.

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