What Are In Hillary's Private Mail Server?
8 years ago by SoPissed

Knowing very well that when she became the Secretary of State she would have tremendous amount of political power to maneuver, and the ultimate objective was to use that power  to haul in tons of donations to their Global Initiative.  The organization with billions of dollars donated by the rich and powerful from around the  world has provided the Clinton family with a very luxurious life style.  

I bet that private email server was mainly setup with the anticipation of the coming power and donations and they need to conduct that business in the comfort of their NY home and in secrecy.    If the server contains only the State  related official emails or her family related issues - yoga class, wedding planning,..., and  all the nonsense she had claimed,  what is the reason to erase the whole server contents before she handed it to the government?  It must contain some emails that are very damning that she has been so desperately trying to conceal.

This woman thinks we are all dummies, and yes there are lots of dummies and most of them happen to be liberals.
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SoPissed 7 years ago

Corruptions, Corruptions and more Corruptions hidden in Hillary's mail server.  It was her  INTENT to hide her 'pay for play' and 'quid pro quo'.

FBI director  Comey, you are a coward and should resign for not bringing the charge againt her!

Sum Guy 7 years ago
Something that the press, and not even congress or the FBI ever brings up or seems to know, is that on the day that the "clintonemail.com" domain was revealed by the hacker and the story broke, that the mx record for the domain clintonemail.com pointed to an IP address located in the British Virgin Islands. What-ever system that Hillary had in her home that she called a "mail server" was not the actual system handling her email. She made sure that her _real_ server wasn't even located on US soil. That's how criminal she is.
SoPissed 7 years ago
Hillary, come clean,  show the country all the emails you are hiding if you want to be the president.

I bet she had made copies of those  30,000 some emails, and  then deleted them from her private mail server before she handed the server to the government.  She definitely  is keeping records of all the donations and her communications with her donors.

At least Trump's tax returns have been carefully checked each year, and audited some of the years by IRS.  Clinton's so called 'deleted' emails have not been viewed by anybody except maybe Huma or Bill.  

Trump's tax returns are personal and not important for voters, but Clinton's emails are because they are related to how she sold her time and access during her tenure as the Secretary of the State.  Voters need to know the truth.

FreakNot 8 years ago
What Are In Hillary's Private Mail Server? Enough to put her in Federal Prison for years!!
LedZap 8 years ago
She has said that everything on her server was secure. Actually her server was originally hacked (if not before) in2013.

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