The Clintons' Grand Hypocrisy
8 years ago by SoPissed

Hillary rides in a van, eats at Chipole and is  trying to convince us that she is one of us. Whom is she trying to fool with her fakery ?

Hillary commands very high speaking fees at universities, and then turns around to lament increasing student debt.  She said “Millions of other young people are burdened by student debt that can feel like an anchor tied to their feet dragging them down,”
When officials at the University of California at Los Angeles began negotiating a $300,000 speech appearance by Hillary Rodham Clinton, the school had one request: Could we get a reduced rate for public universities?
The answer from Clinton’s representatives: $300,000 is the “special university rate.”
More about her speaking fees, please read the web site at -

I wonder how many of her email she had erased from her secret private server are related to their solicitation of contributions from all the countries and  millions of miles she had traveled while she was the Secretary of the State.

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limbo123 8 years ago

Ah, c'mon... give the poor woman some sympathy. When she left the Whitehouse, she barely had a pot to piss in. Poor thing :-)



  • SoPissed 8 years ago
    Something I could never understand is that why so many universities love to dole out big bucks, blood monies collected from student loans or tuitions paid by the students’ parents, to listen to some useless talks from a creature like Hillary and her ilks. Are there anything new and worthy that people have not heard from her? I’d suggest those institutions who hold the responsibilities to educate and succor the minds of our future generations invite some common folks who have succeeded in overcoming their life’s challenges and contributed enduring values to the society. And many of them would speak for free.
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