Climate change compromise that everyone can agree on
8 years ago by limbo123
I think the people pushing climate change alarmism have finally come up with a good idea. We need to shift to nucear power. Nuclear power creates virtually no polution, including almost no CO2.

Nuclear power creates clean and cheap electricity. Makes no sense to power electric vehicles with power generated with fossil fuels if your goal is to limit CO2 emissions In the U.S., we have many remote areas that would be perfect for the power plants, to keep them safely away from populated areas. Building them on the sea shore as they did in Japan wasn't the smartest thing to do!
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FreakNot 8 years ago
I thought Libs, AKA; "climate control nuts," hated nukes? I'm hearing "NO NEW NUKES!!" (the war cry from Libs) from the 80's in my head.


"As climate and energy scientists concerned with global climate change, we are writing to urge you to advocate the development and deployment of safer nuclear energy systems."

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