Congrats! BREXIT
1 year ago by SoPissed

It is time common people reject what elites have been jamming down  their throats.

Corrupted politicians love big bureaucracy because they  thrive well just like bacteria breeds well in a big pool of stale water.  The great late Margaret Thatcher had warned her country about joining EU.

So who like big bureaucracy?  The Clintons, Obama and their cohorts.

Bumpy roads ahead, Brits,  but hang on and better days will come. You will have a better control on your destination.

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limbo123 1 year ago
Congratulations to the Brits for getting the hell out of the EU! People are sick and tired of the plutocrats that are screwing us over. Hillary IS the establishment. Corrupt, dishonest, and power hungry and easily bought.

FreakNot 1 year ago
It's about time!!
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