Trump vs Hillary
What Did Hillary Called Them?
7 years ago by SoPissed

In their first debate Hillary accused Trump called Miss Alicia Machado Miss piggy. Instead of playing defense Trump  should have asked Hillary what names she called all the women that her husband Bill had affair with over the years?
Hillary mobilized her team during those years to deal with the so called constant  'Bimbo Eruptions', and she blamed all the women for her husband's infidelity and call them 'trailer park trash', ‘deranged stalkers’, or 'narcissistic loony toon'.

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SoPissed 7 years ago

As a woman myself,  I just can not believe that woman can be groped by Trump sitting next to her  in a first-class seat,  first her breast was touched and then  her skirt lifted ...,  and not calling the flight attendant for help.  Those first-class flight attendants constantly walking up and down the aisles  serving their customers.   And for her not to make the complaint and call for help is just not credible.
She must be in a hallucinatory state and hoping this good-looking guy next seat could do that to her.

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