Blood on Their Hands
9 years ago by SoPissed

Suddenly everyone from Senator Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) to Hillary Clinton is mumbling about how “sanctuary cities” that harbor illegal aliens avoid immigration law might not be such a hot idea, because illegal alien murderer Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez said that he went to San Francisco to take advantage of its sanctuary policies.  Do they really need to see a dead body in order to understand what their stupidity can cause?

My blood boils when I see and hear those brain-dead, votes-buying and race-pandering politicians putting ILLEGAL aliens interests above the citizens and legal aliens in this country. The officials in those sanctuary cities should be hauled off to jail when they refuse to follow the federal orders.
Updated 9 years ago
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richyrich561 9 years ago
I was watching one of those shows on Nat Geo the other day, they said that over 400,000 Mexicans cross the border illegally EVERY DAY! Could that be true? Sounds REALLY high.... and yea, this SCUMBAG is the poster child for why we should DEPORT illegals back to the third world shithole from where they came, Instead of handing them a welfare card for free food that I PAY FOR!
LedZap 9 years ago
FreakNot 9 years ago
The American public... keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit.
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