What say you?
9 years ago by ActuallySane

So, I'm reading all this stuff about how Obama is an idiot.

If you were president, what would YOU do?

I'm not saying that Obama is the cat's meow, but the problem I have with the right is that they're really really good at poking at the holes, but they're so busy doing that they don't ever really offer any viable alternative solutions......

What say you to that?

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SoPissed 9 years ago

A very minimal qualification for being a CEO of a corporation, and Obama is the CEO of this country -


* one year plan
* four years plan
* eight years plan.

2, Backup plans for each year.

3. No personal ego except national interests.

4.  Do not play “end justifies the means”, but respects the Constitution of the United States.

5. Talk softly and carry a big stick,  not talk loudly and carry nothing.  Remember the red line threat by Obama?


Lacking the analysis in advance, Obama and his team could  not come up with any strategies or plans, and therefore he  looks so helpless and could only sits on the sidelines from crisis to crisis,  and watch the political implosion in our most important allies.

This country deserves a better prepared and more qualified president than just someone who cares about some petite issues like holding a beer party  for some guy and then called the Cambridge police acted stupidly without even knowing the facts, or demonize those who oppose his ideas.

Obama would have been long gone FIRED  by the board of directors if he were the CEO of a company. 

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