Clinton Global Initiative = Clinton Global Heist
9 years ago by SoPissed

Big Money Buy Big Influence
Since 2001 the organization has raked in more than 2 billions, and spent more than 70 millions in traveling expenses alone.  Among the donors are dictators, oppressive governments, countries banned by  US government to do business with, and big corporations including GE.  GE's CEO Jeff Immelt just announced that he is not going to release his email communication with Hillary.

Trotting Around the Globe to Open Connections
Remember Hillary  bragged about her million miles of traveling around the world as her  accomplishment while she was the Secretary of the State ?  Oh yes, she was also selling her influence as the Secretary and future presidential candidate.  A very effective way to dig big channel for big money to come in and big projects to grant.

Missing 3 minutes vs Erasing a Mail Server
No wonder this family decided from the get-go to setup their own mail server so they can communicate privately from their own home to do their sleazy deeds.  In the Watergate scandal Hillary wanted to put Nixon in jail because of the missing 3 minutes recording from the tape,  where should Hillary be put now that she has erased her whole email server in order to obfuscate the investigation?

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SoPissed 7 years ago
Haiti and Africa Projects Shed Light on Clinton’s Public-Private Web

Cheryl D. Mills worked ceaselessly to help a South Korean garment maker open a factory in Haiti, the centerpiece of United States government efforts to jump-start the island nation’s economy after the 2010 earthquake.

Ms. Mills took the lead on smoothing the way for the company, Sae-A Trading, which secured millions of dollars in incentives to make its Haiti investment more attractive, despite criticism of its labor record elsewhere. When she presided over the project’s unveiling in September 2010, she introduced Sae-A’s chairman, Woong-ki Kim, as the most important person at the ceremony, which included Mrs. Clinton and the Haitian prime minister.

Mr. Kim would later become important to Ms. Mills in a far more personal way — as a financial backer of a company she started after leaving the State Department in 2013. The company, BlackIvy Group, is pursuing infrastructure projects in Tanzania and Ghana, the only African nations in the “Partnership for Growth,” an Obama administration initiative that Mrs. Clinton helped introduce that promotes investment in developing countries.

The partnership with Mr. Kim sheds light on the business activities of Ms. Mills — a longtime Clinton loyalist who is likely to play a significant role in any future Clinton White House — as well as the interlocking public and private relationships that have long characterized the Clintons’ inner circle. A lawyer, Ms. Mills has been a target of Republican critics for her central role in determining which emails from Mrs. Clinton’s private server would be publicly disclosed, and for sharing information about Africa — later designated as classified — with the Clinton Foundation while working at the State Department.
Continue reading the main storyAdvertisementContinue reading the main storyDuring Ms. Mills’s tenure at the department, Mr. Kim’s company, Sae-A, became a donor to the Clinton Foundation, through its Clinton Global Initiative, and Ms. Mills remained involved in foundation matters. According to emails hacked from the accounts of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, and released by WikiLeaks, Ms. Mills helped draft memos and consulted on internal organizational issues at the foundation, though she used her personal Gmail account and not her government email.

Details at
SoPissed 9 years ago

Cash was flowing in to the Clintons  like April showers, $2.35 million from the owner of Uranimun One's chairman and another $145 million from his employees, and none of them were reported  in the Clinton's tax returns.

Now that they said they will refile their tax returns for those hidden millions of dollars.  Doesn't that sound familar?  While Bill was in the Whitehouse,  they were caught  cheating the IRS while Bill was the governor of Arkansa, and  immediately  Hillary came to the camera and said  if they did not report CORRECTLY, they will refile their tax returns, and they did and paid tens of thousands of dollars back to the IRS.  Hmmm,  some right wind conspiracy has had caused their failed tax returns.
Read the details at nytimes - a pretty left wing paper,


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