Loose Lips Sink Ships
7 years ago by limbo123
Hillary's bungling has already led to the deaths of American servicemen in Libya as well as the Ambassador. Now her negligent handling of classified emails will undoubtedly put more American miltitary and intelligence personel in harms way. Not only was her insecure server undoubtedly hacked by our enemies, but now, it will be  much harder to prosecute those who leak classified information, as all they need to do is cover up their "intent" as Hillary did.


Now Democrats want to make this incompetent and corrupt person our president.
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SoPissed 7 years ago
She has placed this country in extreme danger for her own personal financial gains because we do not know which and how many countries have had our top secret information stolen from her unsecured private server, and those countries will definitely use them to blackmail us if she is ever elected.
I bet those countries would love to see Hillary in the Whitehouse so they can blackmail her to their best advantages. When that happens she will conceal it, and if ever found out by the press, she will lie, lie, and lie again.

limbo123 7 years ago
Predictably, Hillary's criminal mishandling of classified data has likely led to the death of an American spy in Iran


Scooter Libby is rotting in jail for a lot less.
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